Like most of us, Richard Branson started the 2018 New Year making some resolutions. One of those resolutions is something many of us will strive for, too--getting fit. But whereas we probably resolve to tackle exercise for reasons like general health, Branson's reason for honing buffness is appropriately out there.

Here's what Branson tweeted:

And here I just wanted to fit into my pants...

Branson's resolution shows that he understands just how demanding any kind of space exploration is on the human body. He's not going to get into a rocket physically unprepared. And that, of course, is smart. But the biggest lesson in the tweet is this:

When you have a big goal, don't let the size of it be a deterrent. Just identify what is practically required for that goal to become reality. For Branson to hit his space goal, for instance, one requirement is the simple job of hitting the gym consistently. Then focus on those more tangible, reachable pieces. You can take traditional steps or goals and use them to jump off into something much, much bigger, provided you have a solid grasp of your final vision. It's about actionably saying "How can I...?", rather than simply voicing what you want to do in a general fit of aspiration. The latter offers just talk. The former gives a real plan.

Nothing innovative happens outside the laws of physics. We always create and achieve based on what we already have. We just need to arrange and execute in a different order or combination than before, to apply what we know or can do with a different destination in mind. Maybe that destination is space. Maybe it's figuring out climate change or making a polka-dotted tomato. Whatever it is, you can do it. You just have to see that the smaller steps are totally achievable.